English Garden Enamels


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“Hand-painted enamelled jewellery, inspired by the beauty of English gardens”

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About English Garden Enamels

English Garden Enamels

Hand-painted enamel jewellery reflecting a love of flowers and the natural world.

I first started thinking about enamels after seeing the work of an artist on his stall at a wonderful jazz festival in the south-west of France ( i am a fairly obsessive Francophile!). I loved the way his enamels caught the colours and impressions of certain artists, and I then came home and set about trying to capture my love for flowers and the natural world in painted cold enamel.

I have no history of paining myself, but found I responded immediately to the way in which certain types of cold enamel flow into one another as they are being laid down and can be made to suggest certain favourite flowers, such as pansies, roses, hydrangeas and the hibiscus which flowers so freely in my garden in France. Different paints work in different ways, so some of my enamels are crisper "cleaner" images of flowers, where the paints do not spread into each other where they touch, as opposed to the other more impressionistic, floaty representations made with paints which bleed into each other. This "bleeding" of colour is very difficult to control, and is affected by small variations in the mix of the paints with the hardener, the length of time since mixing (you have to work quite fast!), and even - i think - changes in temperature, meaning that no 2 enamels can ever be the same, making each one unique. I work at home in Surrey, hampered by an inquisitive cat who likes to sit and watch me work.