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“Unique Handmade Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks, Jewellery, Sculptures and Other Gifts”

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Designs By Rustic Bob

Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks, Sculptures and other Crafts - Designed and Created in the UK by Myself since 1992

I have been selling on another online market place since 2013 and gained a very nice 5 star rating with very good customer feedback,
Unfortunately I don't like the way that company is now operating which is why I have made the switch to Folksy
and having to start from scratch again,

Wood turning has been a part time hobby of mine over the last 25 years or so,

It's mostly wall clocks and mantel clocks I like making the most using reclaimed timber
and English hardwoods from sustainable sources,
I also use many other materials such as resins, acrylics, metals, slate and sheet plastics,

I was actually introduced to wood turning by two " old timers " from the village,

They have been wood turners all their lives and I became interested in what they did
and they went on to give me many lessons in wood turning and other wood crafts.

I believe in this game you have to sort of teach yourself and learn things along the way,
you can be taught the very basics and then the rest is up to you which all comes down to experience,

All my ideas are my own although I did find traveling to various countries did broaden my horizons.

I have traveled to several different countries
and lived in New Zealand for a while as well as Ireland and Guernsey,

My wood supplier is a keen environmentalist and every year he takes part in the planting of new trees,

Almost all the wood he gets is from an economical source
such as wind blown trees and trees that have been needed to be chopped down,

This means that trees are not just chopped down in order to produce wood for sale.

I try to purchase as many of my materials and equipment from English companies
so the sale of anything from this Folksy store will help keep me, the saw mill and
all those other companies in business,

Bob is not actually my actual birth name, but it is what people call me,
When growing up I would always wear a bobble hat, so I got the name bobble,
and this was later changed to Bob,
I love the outdoors and the rustic way of life... and so hence Rustic Bob...

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please get in touch with any questions,