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All products are designed and hand crafted by Gail Plus

“Genuine designer baby knitwear and quality gemstone jewellery for all budgets personally made in Cornwall by Gail”

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All products offered for sale are ready to be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving payment . All deliveries are by Royal Mail Signed for services. Bespoke orders for baby knitwear please allow 7 working days to hand make and dispatch.

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About Demelza Designs

Demelza Designs

Designing and handcrafting quality unique jewellery and baby clothing

Demelza Designs is a small business based in Cornwall. All jewellery and knitwear is designed and hand created by the founder Gail who is inspired by the idyllic environment of the north cornish coastline where she has lived for over thirty years.

At the age of 17 years I started to study fashion design at Oxford prior to moving on to attend the prestigious former 'Medway College of Design' in Kent. This full time two years training course allowed me to gain the skills to develop as a designer and glean from the natural world's environment around me. The main focus being able to adapt ideas in to wearable fashionable designer clothing. One particular project was looking at a leaf fallen to the ground in the autumn fall. I had to draw it's natural tructure in detail, then pick out an aspect if its structure which inspired me in more depth. Three month's later I had produced a beautiful long evening skirt, top and shawl, including making the patterns and the finished garments and grading the patterns to sizes from 10-22. The garments clearly demonstrated they had been inspired from a natural leaf in autumn and making them in autumn coloured fabrics. Being a true designer takes imagination and the ability to make what inspires us in to a finished a product, whether it be a peice of art, sculpture, garment, furniture or jewellery etc. Designing is not a profession one can learn. An individual needs a creative mind, eye for colour and ideally the practical skills to turn ideas in to a finished product which helps considerably for a small business such as mine.

At the the age of 31years I opened my own baby and toddlers clothing boutique in the peaceful tranquil surroundings in a cornish cove by the sea designing, making and selling my own designer childens clothing direct to the public. Over the fourteen year period my work was purchased from people from around the world as gifts for either their own children, grandchildren, their immediate family or just as gifts for their friends children. I had also been featured in a childrens BBC programme and interviewed on BBC Radio Cornwall along with endless local articles written about my work.

Due to becoming physically disabled nine years ago I had to close my shop and learn to live with my progressive disabilities and do everyday activities differently, including my passion for being a creative maker. With determination I have been able to return to what I love doing , designing and making unique quality things for those who appreciate what the true meaning of ' designed and hand made' really represents and not expect to pay cheap mass produced prices for unique handcrafted products.

The vast majority of my work is a 'one off ' because I do not like to create the exact same piece of work twice! I am a stickler for perfection and that is partly the reason why I personally meticulously hand make each peace of my designs. My jewellery has recently been accredited by the 'National Association of Jewellers' as a British Jewellery Designer/Craft Person having submitted my work and passing their vigorous high standards required within the UK jewellery industry. All genuine gemstones used in my jewellery have been ethically sourced and tested by GIA qualified geologists by my gemstone suppliers, thus offering peace of mind for my clientèle that goods are supplied as described under all UK selling legislation. All of my children's garments conform to UK and European safety regulations, but unfortunately not all hand made children's clothing offered for sale does conform!

I would like to thank my husband, two adult sons and my best friends Val and Jenny for their support, without it, I would not have returned back to my passion designing and making unique quality products for little bundles of joy and luxury hand crafted jewellery for those seeking timeless pieces for loved one's or for the ladies who enjoy treating themselves to something different.