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Sara L Thornton

“Animal Themed Arts and Crafts”

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Welcome to Dandelion's Gallery.
My shop will be closed between 20th December and 27th December.
50% discount until midnight 19th December - use Discount Code: Christmas2018 (enter it at the checkout)
Thank you for visiting.

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About Dandelion's Gallery

Dandelion's Gallery

I create animal arts and crafts in my own unique style.

I'm a full time artist, and although I love painting my own pictures (from my slightly weird imagination) I spend most of my working hours working on commissions for pet portraits in various formats (pet signs, pet baubles, portraits etc). I work from home, in the company of my two bunnies - Lady Jane Willoughby (Diva and Critic), and Mr. Beau Brambles (my own personal shredding machine for any work that goes wrong).

I've always been creative, and even when I tired working in offices doing administrative work I would end up being asked to design posters etc, so I took the plunge a few years ago to be a full time artist, and it's the best job I've ever had.