Curious Clare

“Cheerfully creating with mud, colour & nature.”

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About Curious Clare

Curious Clare

Cheerfully creating with mud, colour and nature

Hello, I'm a visual artist based in Nottinghamshire merrily creating quirky worlds full of happy characters with mud, colour and nature. My ceramics and textiles work explores personal stories, snippets of nature and has a strong sense of pattern (ranging from mark making through to lettering). I create in a small garden studio (known as the Shed of Dreams) and delight in watching local wildlife from my shed windows. Some very greedy squirrels visit the garden each day and empty the bird feeders almost as soon I have filled them up. They've even started to peer into the kitchen windows!

I aim to ‘tread lightly’ with my consumption of resources by reusing materials and experimenting with my own homemade inks or glazes created from waste products and natural materials. Natural ink making has some surprising & magical results. The green colours in the image above are derived from red cabbage! My inks make their way into illustrations and influence some of the mark making that appears on the surfaces of my ceramics. Currently, I am experimenting with brewing copper scraps into stains and this can be seen wherever deep turquoise colours appear on my ceramics.