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I'm CrackingGems, I make unique, interesting jewellery and one-off metal pieces that you'll never find anywhere else.

I got really interested in making jewellery about 5 years ago. I started with beading, then moved onto silver work, and more recently I am doing a lot of copper work.

I am inspired by nature. I do a lot of silver casting, using twigs as my model. The colour and tones of copper remind me of autumn leaves and copper beech hedges, Silver casting is great because it enables me to recycle silver. I cast ingots, and roll a lot of my silver, so many of the pieces are made using recycled silver

I make one-off pieces, and while sometimes there are similarities with other work I have done, the fun is in making new and different, not 10 things the same. (Though silver twigs do feature quite frequently!) I like combining teechniques, so you'll find pieces made using cast silver, that are also enamelled.