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“Quirky, unique, hand-crafted jewellery inspired by nature. Follow me on Instagram @corinne_evans_jewellery”

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Corinne Evans Jewellery

Hand-crafted silver jewellery made using traditional silversmithing techniques, inspired by animals, plants and life. Follow me on Instagram @corinne.evans.jewellery

Each item I created is carefully handcrafted in my Bristol workshop, using traditional silversmithing techniques.

Nature, animals, birds and plants are a consistent inspiration for me; both personally and professionally.
I grew up in rural Wales, and as a child was always collecting leaves, twigs, flowers, feathers and pebbles which I found to be beautiful. This joy has carried on into my professional work.

I love that I create gifts for people, special items that are given at special occasions. I feel like it is my own way of increasing the net happiness in the world.

I trained in Metalwork and Jewellery Design at Sheffield Hallan university. After my degree I moved to Bristol to set up my own workshop. I very much miss Henderson's relish.