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Alexandra Agapie-Nadejde

“Personalised Prints for Every Occasion”

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About ColoursPrints


Personalised Prints for Every Occasion

Hi, everyone. Welcome to ColoursPrints!

I’m Alexandra, shop owner, designer, maker and printer extraordinaire. I am 33, I love carbs, ‘80s music, Friends, a nice cup of tea with a chocolate biscuit, any Hugh Grant movie, cozy nights in playing Golf on Playstation.

I have been a full time Graphic Designer for almost 8 years now, although I am also an Architect. I try to mix them both as much as I can, and though nowadays my shop is my permanent job I go back to architecture once in a while for small interior designs project or event design.

I have a 4 years old girl, Sarah and a little boy, Avi who is 3 months old. I am trying to spend as much time as I can with my little ones, while working on new designs for my shop. It can be consuming at times, but all worth it.

I try to upload new listings every week, and at the moment I am working on new prints for my Wedding Section.