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Welcome to my Folksy shop. Everything you see here is made by me in my cellar studio, or sitting in my garden.

For purchasers outside the UK, contact me direct. I can then check postage for you and arrange a custom listing.

This shop is currently empty. Please check back when we've restocked.

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About Clara Castner

Clara Castner

Handmade porcelain vases to compliment your home

Many moons ago, I passed my Geology A Level. Little did I know how useful it would become later in life! My work is inspired by natural surfaces: rock surfaces eroded by time, bark, water. I want the surfaces to invite you to feel them, to touch the cool surface. I love to see the results of a glaze firing, and I am always in awe how the same glaze can be so different on each carving. I am also exploring the translucency of porcelain, as a lit candle holder brings light in more than one way.

Christmas is my favourite time of year, as I love to decorate, and I am always looking at new decorations to make for each year.

I adore colour, something I also explore in my quilt making. I use photographs taken from walks to inspire my carvings. With my vases, I am combining my love of all things floral with my love of colour and texture. I do hope you like what I make...