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“Often colours in. Sometimes gets it inside the lines.”

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About Chloe Henderson

Chloe Henderson

Often colours in. Sometimes gets it inside the lines.

Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Edinburgh lived the storyteller. She had her head in the clouds and holes in her tights. Each day she would ride her glittering unicorn through the wild valleys of the land to her creative bubble high atop the towering walls of her workshop castle. Once there, she would etch fragments of shining metal and stitch and bead and fire them together until fantastical wearable narratives unfolded before her eyes and…
…oh, wait a minute, that’s me! Hi there, my name is Chloe Henderson… okay, so maybe I don’t ride a unicorn into the studio every morning but I do create jewellery and artworks based upon stories.

Stories are my life; to read and to write.
I take my inspiration from songs, novels, poetry, lore and mythology, faerytales, movies, and all that is glorious in the storytelling world.
I either: use a story in its entirety and transform it into my own re-telling of the tale through artworks or adornments, or I take a snippet of a story and write my own narrative, weaving in details of adornments that I can bring to life in the world of reality.

My favoured method of conquering a story is freeing it into a piece of jewellery. I work with a variety of materials, and love connecting them back to the story I'm working with. My favourite technique is etching, and most of my work features etched patterns; there is something so glorious about being able to produce a drawing on metal. This practice has led me to create my Zendoodles collection, and continues to be a feature of development within my drawings and artworks.

And they all lived happily ever after...