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“Designing & hand-making in our little corner of the Cotswolds | homeware | textiles | stationery | crockery | florals | british design”

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About Charlotte Macey

Charlotte Macey

beautifully embroidered and printed homeware and gifts ~ handmade in the Cotswold countryside

Charlotte has been hand making beautiful and practical, embroidered and printed items for the home since 2010; with a background in embroidery and a degree in Textile Design, she quickly discovered her unique style of illustrative embroidery and love for pattern, and has been hand making a wide range of homeware items for the past seven years from her countryside studio in the Cotswolds.

Surrounded by farmers' fields, sheep, and blossoming cow parsley, Charlotte finds constant inspiration in the ever-changing colours, flora, and fauna of the countryside. She embroiders one-off pictures and accessories, and has developed her original embroideries into beautiful printed fabric and homeware collections.

Her British-made homeware ranges from linen cushions and handmade bags, to embroidered linen tea towels and kitchen accessories. She has also designed co-ordinating ranges of sustainably printed stationery and hand-decorated crockery.