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I'm just addicted to pottery. There, I said it, I'm addicted and obsessed. I never think about anything else. It has taken over my life--and my house. I used to love buying it now I just can't stop making it.

It all started with going to evening classes to learn to make tiles for my new
bathroom....but I didn't think I was going to like it!
I thought I would just make the tiles and then drift off to another I have been doing all my life.
But I got hooked!

I am constantly experimenting with new shapes and new glazes.
My studio space has become seriously overcrowded! I've just never got over that excitement when I open the newly fired kiln-it's like Christmas morning with lots of lovely presents.
I enjoy making pieces that are both fun and functional, touchable, colourful and whimsical as well as lovely to have on display.

I am really happy to at last have a proper studio.
After years of working in my cold and draughty car port, I have finally built a room attached to my house...with doors!!