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“Cálle Modista specialises in reproduction 60s Clothing and Accessories”

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Calle Modista

Reproduction Handmade Clothing and Accessories

Cálle Modista specialises in top quality reproduction 1960's Clothing and Accessories
All items are Handmade and Exclusive/ Limited Edition, made using vintage or vintage inspired fabrics and designed in styles authentic to the era so customers can feel confident that their look will be truly unique!

On Folksy I am selling mod accessories!

As a teenager I found my passion for the 60s, from the music and clothes to the feeling of general optimism. I started making my own clothes as I could not find the 60s styles I liked to wear on the high street.

For Cálle Modista, I make clothing from the many different looks of the era, from Mod to Psychedelic including: 60's Dresses, Mod Scarves, Kaftans, Pocket Squares, Mini Skirts, Blouses etc and I am always designing new styles, so hopefully customers will be able to find the perfect item for them!

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Cálle Modista is my way of indulging a love of dressmaking and design (a family tradition!) with my passion for 60's style and fashion, and it gives me a perfect excuse for my obsession with beautiful fabrics, trim and buttons!