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Designer Catherine Towers creates a range of leather bracelets inspired by boats and the sea, from her coastal Boathouse Studio in Hampshire. Launched 2014.

Boathouse Studio designs and creates a range of primarily leather bracelets and necklaces, from our coastal studio in Hampshire. Our goal is to produce pieces which are infinitely wearable, high quality and affordable. We are constantly producing new designs, refreshing our range with new materials, colours and accessories as they become available. It is likely that any purchase made is one of a limited edition and therefore fairly unique.

Our jewellery is created with ethically-sourced quality leather in a wide range of colours, these beautiful accessories mellow over time in much the same way as the sea shapes the coastline.

Creator, Catherine Towers, explains “Having spent many happy times travelling under sail through the Mediterranean and Caribbean, exploring the many markets on route, I wanted to create lasting jewellery to celebrate the colour and vibrancy I found. Finding beautiful, affordable jewellery was difficult in the UK, so I set about creating my own. The business grew as friends and family began asking me to create pieces for them, and now I enjoy sharing my work with a whole variety of clients across the world”.

Our stylish collection is suitable for all and would make the perfect gift for your husband, wife, partner, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend. Our bracelets are perfect worn alone or with other pieces for a layered look. Our jewellery come is delivered delightfully packaged in a cotton jewellery bag with tissue wrapping.

We don't own a shop, which is how we keep our costs down. We make our sales through word of mouth, on-line, through FaceBook or from attending fairs and markets.