Big Bird, Little Bird

“Birds and animals designed and created by hand in Kent.”

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About Big Bird, Little Bird

Big Bird, Little Bird

Artist using textiles, creating handmade one of a kind pieces

Prior to starting Big Bird Little Bird, I'd only ever done sewing under sufferance at secondary school! However, after losing my very talented sister Helen to cancer in 2011 I took up sewing after she left me her 1975 Husqvarna sewing machine. I was a graphic designer before I had my children and knowing I was an arty type she thought I'd enjoy using her sewing machine. She also left me her fabric - 4 large bin bags full of it! Big Bird was Helen's family nickname, mine was Little Bird, hence the name.

Having spent some time making dolls from patterns, I wanted a challenge and picked up a book on making textile art birds (by the wonderful Abby Glassenberg). I now draft my own patterns from scratch and then amend and create on the fly until I get the result I'm after.

I work from home, on my dining room table or whilst sitting on the sofa and catching up on any TV I've missed. During the day I'm a Teaching Assistant at a local Primary School, very much a new challenge for me! I enjoy walking with my dog in the woods and visiting any historical places, particularly ones from the tudor time period!