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Aureum Lamps
Aureum Lamps

Natalie Burrows

  • United Kingdom

“Carefully hand made lampshades that embrace colour and pattern. ”

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About Aureum Lamps

Aureum Lamps

Unique and original lampshades to make a room.

I have been working with soft furnishings professionally for the last 6 years since completing my degree in textiles. This has involved advising customers on colour schemes for houses, fabric choices and making up bespoke curtains and blinds. What led me to lampshades and what I enjoy about them is working on a small object where I can play with texture and colour and retain the traditionally hand sewn aspect that I have always enjoyed in curtain making.

I started making lampshades as a way to release my creative flair, I enjoy the experimentation with colour and pattern that is new with every lampshade I start, never fully knowing how the shade is going to look when I begin as new ideas pop up all the time whilst I’m working on them.

From my studio in the Norfolk countryside I work with a mixture of frames from renovating and repairing old frames to working with new ones. All my soft lampshades are carefully hand stretched and hand sewn, making a variety of styles and shapes including contemporary drum and coolie shades which are also hand made.