Jean Stevens

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“Limited Edition, Hand Pulled, linoprints,, etchings, wood engravings and monotypes ”

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Draw, Cut, Ink & Print - original hand printed linoprints, monoprints & etchings. Sometimes I paint!

I studied art at Strode College, Somerset. After completing my Foundation Diploma I decided to set up my own studio at home.

I spend lots of time outside walking Mr P, my jack russell companion. We wander around the Somerset fields watching the local wildlife and admiring the beauty of the flowers. Ok, sometimes he tries to run after the odd Buzzard, but he never get there before they fly off!

I can't resist bringing home a few objects with me from my walks; it could be teasels, leaves, feathers or the odd scull that I find. I have a wonderful nature collection in my studio.

I've started painting again recently and am focussing on small oil paints. My ambition is to do more 'plein air' painting which is where you take your easel outside with you. It's good for the soul!