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Anna Violet Illustration

I'm a freelance illustrator of places, children's books, maps, logos and museum exhibits.

Places and stories inspire me. I was about seven years old when I won a Kelloggs prize for my drawing of a tram, and I'm still drawing decades later. I originally trained and worked as a landscape architect for many years, honing my observational and design skills. I now work as a freelance illustrator from home.

I spend lots of time sketching and researching my images, and have cupboards full of sketchbooks. Once I've got the bones of my illustration worked out, I trace it through onto thick paper, using a light-box. I love playing around with different inks and a variety of pens and brushes, and it will take several goes until I get it right. When I'm happy with my image, I scan it onto my computer and give it some final tweaks to ensure it's print-ready.