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“Unique Clothing for Children, Gifts, Cards and Artwork”

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Happy New Year, Everyone. Welcome to my shop. Most items are One of A Kind but if you would like something in a different size or colour, please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

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About A Pinch of Stardust

A Pinch of Stardust

Anything sewn, knitted or made of paper

I started making dolls clothes when I was at primary school, guided by a neighbour who was a tailoress. By the time I was 13, I was making my own clothes. I've made everything from baby clothes and coats to curtains and loose covers. Knitting came a little later, when I had children but I always have at least one project (or 3) on the go. Along the way I also attained an honours degree in Fine Art. Being creative and making things is as important to my daily life as the air I breathe.

I have made crafts and painted under my own name for decades but A Pinch Of Stardust came about after I started making bead jewellery. I saw someone selling their jewellery in little organza bags and thought it was a brilliant idea as I had some at home left over from a wedding. When I looked them out I found star shaped confetti in them and so, by chance, A Pinch Of Stardust was born.

Over the years I have accumulated a huge quantity of fabrics, wool, and other craft materials, some of which are vintage (ie lace from my grandmother and 60s fabrics from an aunt), which I am currently trying to use up. I take back the material costs but all other profit goes to charity.

In line with the new GDPR, I wish to reassure all my customers that the only records I keep are of past sales. I do not pass on any email or postal addresses to any other party. Nor do I send out unsolicited emails or marketing. The only time I check past records is when I think I recognise a returning customer and I might add a little gift in return for their loyalty.