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A Crafty Moment

Mad about beads, can't even go on holiday without checking for any bead shops!

I've always made things, encouraged by mum & dad who have always made things too. My first polymer clay charm bracelet came about as my first 'real' job was made redundant when I was 17, workmates invited me back for the Christmas party, I needed a piece of jewellery, on wearing that item, some commissions were scary but accepted, then began craft fairs! Then marriage, followed by children and I turned to card making rather than beads for my creative therapy. Once children were older I got back into the beads, Joined a local beading group, bought more beads. Have a full-time job with a local building supplies company in Malvern to support hobby/business but, always have an eye on the future to be a full-time jewellery designer/maker :)
I love having pets about the home, cats are wonderful, they always welcome you with purrs and cuddles, our garden pond fish are relaxing to watch and follow you around the garden, blowing bubbles to get attention.
I take my beads on holiday, if ever there is a wet day, the family all 'craft' together, it's a lovely way to spend time and just wish our family lived closer together, so we could do it more often.
I spend as much time as possible making jewellery, I'm really not very good at photographing my work and putting on-line for people to see and for that I'm sorry, it does not show off my hard work, and that I am proud of every design and that I really do, 'dance a little happy dance' when an item is bought and posted off to it's new home!