Meet the maker Anne Crowther

All my textile pieces are individually created by hand from my home studio - my small creative haven next to the washing machine. This is my space where I become Daisy Florence once the children have gone to bed.
(I tell them that Daisy Florence is like the Elves and the Shoe maker story- she works away when they are in bed and leaves a range of beautifully handcrafted items for them to see in the morning.....!)
I hope that you enjoy my work and call back and see what new and adorable designs Daisy Florence has created tonight
Sweet dreams
Daisy Florence x x x
P.S. All textiles used in the Daisy Florence Design collections are recycled.
Anne Crowther graduated from Central Saint Martins with a first class degree in textile design. She exhibited her woven textiles widely throughout the Uk and Europe before taking time out when her children were young. It was during this time that Anne's new creative business, daisy florence design, was born.

Anne is always happy to discuss individual commissions, or wholesale terms with galleries and retail outlets - enquiries welcome.
COPYRIGHT - All artwork copyright Daisy Florence Design / Anne Crowther. Ownership does not transfer copyright, please do not reproduce my artwork - thanks