Meet the maker Kathryn Fruish

I have been making jewellery for 10 years since I enrolled for a course then got hooked. I love to make anything with doors such as lockets and also stamping inspiring quotes and words. I am also inspired by nature and make many casts of natural objects, and like to add semi precious crystals and sea glass to designs.

As of September 2016 I have opened a gallery in the indoor market place in Glossop, all my work is exhibited here exclusively as I no longer do any craft or gallery events.

I use the most environmentally friendly techniques available such as an organic substitute for acid and recycled silver.

I am inspired by old symbols like spirals, stars, runes, triskelions and pentacles and like to have a selection of items that are based solely on these.

I grew up in County Durham (where a lot of English sea glass is from) so I have always loved sea washed glass and it seemed like a natural thing for me to make a collection with it. Each piece has a mysterious past as maybe it was dumped in the sea as waste over 100 years ago or maybe it is from an ornament or fine tableware from a shipwreck. I love the idea that every piece is unique and has been fashioned by mother nature.

My work is fully hallmarked where appropriate by the Birmingham Assay office

If the item you would like is out of stock I will have this made for you as soon as possible, I state around 10 days but its more likely to be 5.