Meet the maker Paula Rayson

I have been making and selling jewellery since I was at school butrecently have decided to really make a go of doing it properly. This is still my second job but jewellery has always been my passion. Almost all of my designs are made using real gemstones, when Nature can produce such wonderful elements, I rarely see the point in using paste, plastic or glass. On the rare occasions I may and will make it very clear. I would like to be able to always use precious metals for all findings, but again it is not always possible and I do price to reflect this. On request and for a different price, I may be able to upgrade some designs.

I am always experimenting and listing new things, so do check me regularly. It may be obvious if I've learnt a new skill as I'll end up playing with it and listing too many designs using it! Sometimes I may be able to do a design in a different colour or gemstone, so please ask. I am always happy to get feedback on my designs and their practicalities for wearing. Often I can adjust to fit you, change a necklace or bracelet length, clip or screw-on earrings, post rather than hook and so on.

I do feel that gemstones add something to my life and understand that for some people some can have benefits. I will not make claims about these but do cleanse all of my items before sale, some may be photographed on my druse.

If you are looking for something for a special occasion or have a design in mind, let me know, I do work on commissions as well. Examples of these can be seen on my Facebook page.