Meet the maker Martine Brumwell

I've always loved making things and have been fascinated with textiles since I was a small child. Nothing appeals to me more than an art or craft item that has been lovingly created, with lots of attention to detail. (I always feel that part of the creator has gone into creating something when it is carefully and lovingly made.)
A while ago, I thought how lovely it would be to rag dolls that a little girl could think of as her very own and lovely outfits, because I remember how much I loved dressing my doll in different outfits when I was little.It also means that I can spend delicious hours in specialist fabric shops, sourcing unusual materials for the dolls!
My dolls are all made of top quality 100% cotton fabric and are CE safe

Maisy and Mo
I have created the Maisy and Mo range for children aged 3-7 - boy and girl rag dolls with their little puppy Molly in a cute little dog bed.
Maisy Muffin and her best friend Mo live in a pretty village called Mulberry Green. Maisy lives with her mother and father on Mulberry Farm and Mo lives in a little cottage at the top of Mulberry Lane.
In the village there is a post office, a bakery, a sweet shop, a hardware shop that sells all kinds of useful things, a greengrocer’s, a draper’s – where Maisy’s mother buys all of the fabric and buttons to make Maisy’s pretty dresses, a butcher’s and a grocer’s – where you can get just about anything.
There is also a little church and, of course, a school – Mulberry Green Infants’ School, where Maisy and Mo are pupils.
Maisy has a cute little puppy called Molly.
Maisy and Mo live at a time when children had lots of freedom to explore the world around them and the pair love nothing more than having adventures. Stories about Maisy and Mo are available in my shop.
Welcome to their world.

Little Nippers
Little Nippers are little cotton mice, 17cm tall and each one is totally unique. I always loved stories and illustrations of mice, when I was a child and thought it would be lovely to create original little mice that are all individually named, so that a child (or anyone young at heart) can think of them as their very own. Stories about the little Nippers are also available. My mice are all made from best quality materials and each one is handcrafted with love.
Pip Squeaks are baby Nippers and are just 10cm tall.

lille hygge
The Danish word hygge means enjoying life's simple pleasures and making everyday things special - we get our word hug from hygge.
lille hygge are tiny handcrafted dolls - each one unique and carefully made from amazingly soft yarn in beautiful colours. They are very tactile, full of hygge and will give lots of comfort and cosiness - they are very simple but are made to treasure.
Each doll is different and comes on a card with samples of the beautiful wool that has been used in its design.
The dolls are made from best quality materials and are CE safe for children over 3 years.

My dolls and mice make lovely gifts for young children or indeed anyone who is young at heart!
They are all CE safe for children over 3
I hope you love my dolls and mice as much as I love designing and making them!

Unique little friends for unique little people!