Meet the maker Kirsti Brown

Inspired by my love of shorelines and sea, I make hand built ceramic vessels influenced by the sea, beaches and cliffs around Wales and Scotland.

My first workshop was set up almost 20 years ago after graduating from a multi-disciplinary Crafts degree course in which I developed my passion for ceramics.

The pieces are fired to stoneware temperature and feature a dry turquoise glaze. I use a variety of textured clays from a dark red, toasted buff to a white firing clay, all of which react in various ways altering the depth of colour in the glaze.

The most recent pieces are vessels developed from drawings of pebbles, investigating the forms of both the pebble and the marks on them. The resulting pieces have a tactile quality reminiscent of stones on the beach.

I also love Scandinavian design and make a few decorative, but functional objects such as my bird vase and dishes with decorative details.