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“Stoneware ceramics inspired by sea, shorelines, Scotland and Scandinavia. ”

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Kirsti Brown Ceramics

Western seashores captured in clay; seascape glazes, pebble forms and vivid turquoise abound.

Celtic seas of Wales and Scotland are the places where I feel inspired and as soon as we are home from our holiday I'm planning the next. The vast outlook to sea the washed, rounded pebbles and the structures of rocks are the starting points for drawings which inform my work.
I studied on a multi disciplinary Crafts course many moons ago where I discovered the clay was the material for me. A determination to capture vivid colours at stoneware temperatures kept me very busy during my third year.
Currently I work in a 8ft x 6ft turquoise shed, but am currently taking over a spare room in the house, my kiln is safely sited in the garage.
Bottles, vases and vessels are the key pieces in my range, but its fun to have a play with patterns and drawing in clay now and again so Folksy is the ideal place to show these other items too.
Our family share our lives with little Busby the hamster, but the children are on a mission to have a dog join us.