Meet the maker Fallon Ismail

My ‘main’ job is as a Freelance Fashion and Beauty photographer, however over the past year I have started to make polymer clay charms in my free time, being a person always into crafts right from childhood. Most of my charms are based around a retro foods theme, including sweets, cakes and ice creams. These have then led me to produce complete jewellery pieces from them, creating numerous combinations and colour schemes. I find the miniatures are particularly cute, and take people back to their childhood when they see them, making them smile at my stall when I am at craft fairs!! I really enjoy producing my pieces, so decided to earn a bit of money back from a really fun hobby! I am always looking for new inspiration of fun and retro ideas, so please do message me if you have something in mind! If you can't find what you are looking for in the shop please email me, as a lot of my items are now in the 'back catalogue' but can still be ordered!! Visit my Facebook page for a full back catalogue HANDMADE RETRO JEWELLERY

Please note: some items may take longer to send as I am remaking some after selling them at fairs!!