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“Handmade polymer clay pieces based on retro foods and sweets!! Nostalgic, unique and novel, with every piece completely handmade by me!”

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New personalised range coming for Mother's Day 2019 gift ideas!

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About Handmade Retro Jewellery

Handmade Retro Jewellery

Handmade jewellery and accessories based on retro foods and sweets!! Very kitsch and fun, a great idea as a unique gift for someone!

British Handmade jewellery gifts created by myself using polymer clay and sometimes other materials when special editions. The charms are all based on retro food and sweets to give recipients that nostalgic reminder of fun childhood, with some new sweets working their way into being classics as well!

I first experienced polymer clay as a child, making pieces for my dolls house! Since I graduated from university and took up full time employment, I missed my creative side, and, once discovering some very old pieces of clay, decided to buy some fresh clay and start experimenting! I had some sweets on the table at the time and started to copy these (just for fun), and voila! Handmade Retro Jewellery was born in May 2011!

Since then I have been making different pieces, always searching for new sweets/foods/ideas to create. My notebook is filled with new makes to try and drawings with design ideas, and every now and then I will have a look through and see what I want to try at the time!

I pride myself on making sure that every piece I make is finished to the highest quality, but also that all of my makes are truly replicant of the authentic sweet - accuracy is very important for me – I study the real sweet/food to make sure the shape/size (where possible)/colours/markings are all true to the original.

My pieces are mostly under £10 so great for pocket money prices, stocking fillers, even gifts to put in party bags!

Every single piece is handmade by myself so one may vary ever so slightly from another or the pictured version, however they generally look the same. This just makes the pieces even more unique!

Any of my items can be personalized or can be made to order with particular customizations or colours – everything is handmade by myself, so feel free to message with a special commission, to make your gift even more unique! I have created a lot of special one off pieces for customers.

My Facebook page is quite like a large back catalogue with everything I have ever made featuring on there. To view some examples of previous commissions, please visit the photo album “Commissioned pieces/one offs”on the Facebook page.

Every order is beautifully packaged whether it is for yourself or to give as a gift, with the outer packaging even receiving a special makeover to make you smile as soon as it drops through your letter box!!

I hold stalls at various events all over Hertfordshire, so if you would like to visit me in person, please see the "Events" section of my Facebook page to see where I am next!

I have also established the very popular “Jewellery making parties” for children to make their own unique versions of my jewellery. For more information please do contact me or see the Facebook page for details.

I would love to hear your own ideas on charms to make, or what you think of my work so please do leave feedback if you purchase an item! Thanks for stopping by and happy browsing!

Please note: None of the pieces are edible and I would recommend they are not given to children under 5 as they may not understand this. Please see THE FOOD IMITATION (SAFETY) REGULATIONS 1989 for more information