Meet the maker Jan Appleton

I've been knitting for as long as I can remember; my mum knitted and my mum's mum knitted. We were a creative family, if we wanted something we tended to make it. In my early 20's (that's quite a while ago) I bought a knitting machine and I loved it that much I went on every course available until eventually I was the one doing the teaching.

I'm mainly influenced by the colours and texture in the landscape around me. But sometimes I can see a yarn and it just calls to be a certain garment or accessory. I also admire traditional knitwear designs and stitches. It's a craft that has a great history and a wealth of inspiration. I love to fuse traditional designs with a contemporary twist.

I like design and make knitwear that is stylish but practical too. I like to source the best quality yarns and wools.

Copyright: Please do not copy my designs. I spend a huge amount of time designing, developing and working on colour schemes for my knitwear. Images can be used in blogs with my permission and I'm happy for you to pin / share my photos, but please remember to credit me and link back to my shop.