This Thursday

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This Thursday
This Thursday

“Painting animals for paper goods.”

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About This Thursday

This Thursday

Painting Natural History.

Hello! Welcome along. Let me tell you a little story about the shop you are currently visiting...

So, This Thursday has changed a lot for me since I started it in early 2015. Back then it was more of an outlet for my creativity, and something to keep me busy after finishing university and then having to wait a few months for a knee issue to be sorted out (including surgery) and basically spiralling into a hermit life of making and baking (and eating). I only left the house when my boyfriend more or less made me.

That was until I got a job and realised I actually did like people still, and then another one and another one. They got me out of the house and interacting with real life humans, but This Thursday sat on the back burner with me just dipping my toes in now and again. I finally realised how much I missed it and how much I wanted it to BE my real job. So, now I work away trying to make it my full time job whilst calling my day job working in a cafe my side hustle.

If you haven't guessed by looking at my things, I am completely inspired, and I'd actually go as far as saying in awe of, the natural world. Animals, landscapes, just all of nature really. I love it. Love it! And not just looking at it but also learning about it and discovering more and more about all aspects of it. We really to live in an incredible world.

I live in Sheffield which is an incredible city to do what I do in. The creative, independent community here is w o n d e r f u l! And I've got to know so many people through doing this, taking part in markets and braving socials, that now I have somehow managed to grow a social life through a job where I literally sit in my basement by myself (well, with the occasional company of my cat and/or dog) most of the time!