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About The Silvery

The Silvery

Preserving the beauty of nature in silver to make timeless jewellery and precious keepsakes

Hi thank you so much for taking a minute to read about me and my business!

My name is Jules and I use a process called electroforming to cover pieces of nature such as shells, leaves, feathers and seeds in silver. Electroforming is essentially electroplating onto non-metallic surfaces, it is a lengthy process here the item is coted in conductive paint and then electroplated first in copper then in silver for many hours to ensure a thick even coating. The end product is a totally unique piece of jewellery which is tough and durable for regular wear but still retains the detail of the original item which is encased inside.

I live near the sea in Hastings on the south coast with my husband Ian and our four cats and tow tortoises. I grew up in nearby Ashdown Forest, the varied Sussex countryside and coastline will always be my favorite source of inspiration but I love working on beautiful natural items found by my customers around the world. You can send in your own special treasures (including non-organic items such as plastic toys, origami, lace, plaster casts etc) and I can finish them in in copper, silver or gold for you.