The Forgotten Library

Charlotte White

“Literary themed gifts, inspired by vintage books and ephemera.”

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About The Forgotten Library

The Forgotten Library

The Forgotten Library takes inspiration from vintage books to create something different using techniques from repurposing to fused glass work.

I enjoy finding creative new ways to repurpose books and similar ephemera. Not every prototype is a success but I continue to experiment with what can be done. To offer a variety of products for those who appreciate literature but perhaps don't like the 'used' factor of a clock that is made from an original Victorian book I have recently begun working with fused glass techniques. Taking illustrations from vintage volumes to decorate pendants is my first step in developing something aside from the upcycled work I first started doing in 2011.

My workspace is spread around my home depending on what job I need to do. Indoors one room serves as office, stockroom and packing area (as well as housing many of my personal things) then I use a bench in the utility room to cut glass on. A small part of the garage houses my kiln so the glass can be heated safely, then there is an outside accessed space where I do the drilling and set larger clocks with my lovely old book press.

It's a one person operation but I do get a little 'help' from two inquisitive cats who enjoy testing the boxes that supplies are delivered in.