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“Original and Collectable Art, hand made greetings cards and my own design crochet.”

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Welcome to my shop......
As an artist I paint every day and try to list every day.
I also make cards for all occasions so please keep checking back to see the new listings....

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About GweddusArt


I try to paint every day, inspired by the beautiful scenery around my home in South Wales.

My name is Brenda and I work under the name of Gweddus.
Gweddus is a Welsh word which can mean "becoming" and as my name is Brenda Cumming (or B.Cumming) I thought it would be a good choice when I came to live in Wales in 1996.
I also have a user name of "teabreaks" because I love my cup of tea.

I spent most of my life as a knitwear designer but my hands started to get arthritic and so I turned to painting instead. I still crochet now and again but mostly I paint and make greetings cards.

I love to sit in my lounge looking out across Swansea bay and painting .
My favourite media is watercolours but I also like acrylics.
I like to paint aceos, which are miniature paintings that measure just 2.5" x 3.5" and I also like to paint larger paintings, although still small at 8x6"....sometimes larger but not often.
None of my paintings are planned I just grab a brush, get some paint and "go for it!". None of my paintings are copies and I don't sell prints.
(although I sometimes make prints of my work and sell them as greetings cards)
.Each of my paintings is different and unique.
In the evenings when the light fades, I either crochet or make cards.
Every day I make something life is too short to sit and get bored.
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do in creating it.