Silly Badger Designs

Siobhan Beer

  • United Kingdom

“An eclectic collection of animal inspired illustrations”

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About Silly Badger Designs

Silly Badger Designs

Fun original illustrations inspired by animals and the natural world.

I'm a freelance artist based in Wiltshire in the South West where I live in a tiny badger den house with my partner and four gerbils of the galaxy (they're named after characters from Guardians of the Galaxy). We're an odd family but a fun one none the less!

I've always been addicted to anything creative, with an artistic nan and a crafty mum I was always encouraged to create and have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I have fond memories of sitting at my nans dining table drawing on of my pound puppies soft toys. Oh memories!
It was only when I got older that I had the idea to turn my passion in to a career, it took years to gain the courage to take the plunge but I'm so glad I finally did it.

Silly Badger Designs has now been going for 2 years and I've loved every moment.

I work in a mixture of mediums but my favourites tend to be watercolours, inks and coloured pencils. All my work starts it's life as a tiny doodle in one of my overflowing sketchbooks. Once there if one catches my eye I will then recreate it on watercolour paper (unless I'm using any other medium) once sketched I then get to painting, the best part as it really brings the illustration to life.
Once complete I'll then scan the image and make art prints or products from it or sometimes even fix it and sell the original.

I also work on pet portraits, something I absolutely love doing. I work in a similar way to above just using your own pet pictures as a reference creating a beautiful pet portrait of your pet.

I'm inspired mostly by animals and the natural world, often being labelled an animal or bird nerd and this tends to shine through in my work. I rarely create anything that isn't nature/animal related.
One of my biggest goals with my work is to make people smile. I want to create a bit of joy for people and so far according to previous customers I'm achieving that goal.

I can usually be found hunched over a sketchbook pouring out wonderful ideas ready to turn in to final creations. Either that or off walking the wilds of Wiltshire with Riley, my labrador retriever.