Sianuska Original Art & Screen Prints

“Art to warm your cockles, handmade with elbow grease and love. X”

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About Sianuska Original Art & Screen Prints

Sianuska Original Art & Screen Prints

Art to warm your cockles made with elbow grease and love in my studio in the garage.

I am Sian, an artist and printmaker based in Manchester, England. I make screenprints, cards and homewares with a nostalgic, whimsical and distinctly British feel.

I chain drink cups of tea whilst working at my chaotic, rickety desk and printing in my chilly garage-cum-studio. I am inspired by Radio 4, childhood memories, my Grandmas, and vintage packaging. I notice the little details; an imagined ending to a classic children's book, the way everyone sings along to the The Archers theme tune or the national obsession with the Shipping Forecast and I make art about these things.

I'm mama to two boys and kinda-wife to lovely Matt. As a half-hearted housewife, my motto is 'Art before dishes'. I'm a bit of a crazy plant lady and I'm slowly transforming our house into a jungle.

Thank you for supporting my cottage industry, I really appreciate it.