Seth Ceramics

“Handmade ceramics, nothing ordinary or everyday but always influenced by the wild world. ”

Shop Announcement:

Hello and welcome to my little shop.

Everything is handmade and designed by me and my aim is to provide a small but lovely range of ceramic items which would be perfect for gifts or just a treat for yourself.

Happy browsing.

All the best


This shop is currently empty. Please check back when we've restocked.

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About Seth Ceramics

Seth Ceramics

I make pots inspired by nature and our involvement with it.

I live and work in Sheffield and I think it influences me in the things I make. Sheffield is a city but crammed with green spaces, big parks, tree lined streets and little envelopes of wild hidden here and there. So this is where I see the most regular sightings of nature and wildlife. Not so much rolling hills but trees, birds and people.

Running through everything I make is a story; songs, old folktales, animal legends and things I just make up as I walk places. This then finds its way onto boxes, jars, whatever I can adapt and then just tiny bird models. I love decorating pieces so will always try to just add another leaf, a clump of berries or carve the surface. More nature, more fun.