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“Affordable art with a charitable heart. Original hand painted colourful Lino prints.”

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Proseprints creates unique variable edition Lino prints that are hand painted before and after pressing.

Rose Hunter and Perry Evans. At heart we are community development workers with a training in art, theatre and education.
In September 2017 we created proseprints a social enterprise partnership.
With the aim of:
* creating thoughtful affordable artwork that raises funds and awareness for local good causes
* offering accessible, fun, print based community workshops

Proseprints combines our two loves, art and words. As we grow in confidence we hope to explore more complex ideas of creating a fairer environmentally and socially just society and world.

We have over the years experimented in many art mediums including stain glass, paper, screen making and decorative wood artefacts but have always wished to explore print. Moving to Torrington in Devon and attending The Plough Print course has opened up this opportunity. We aim to use the printing process as a method of raising funds and awareness of environmental and social issues.

Painted prints - we use a lino cut design to create the backdrop and then hand paint each picture before printing and sometimes add finishing details in water based drawing inks. This technique enables us to create individual, colourful and playful images. Each painted print is unique and is marked as v/e or ‘variable edition’. They look more like paintings than prints.

Who has inspired our work?
The humour, colour and skill of the illustrative artist John Hanna whose prints of UK animals decorated the covers of the 1950’s Country Fair magazine. Childrens drawings - their immediacy and charm. The vibrancy of colour in nature and realisation that so much of our beloved wildlife is at risk due to human intervention. The emotional connections to intense colour combinations found in the flower paintings of Odilon Redon and use of complementary colours by the Fauves art movement.

Recently we linked with Libraries Unlimited, an independent charity, 1170092 (what was Devon Libraries Services) to offer rurally based family art workshops in local libraries. Libraries Unlimited is an independent charity, established in April 2016, which runs libraries across Devon and Torbay. They believe in the unlimited potential of library services to make a positive difference to people’s lives and communities through a shared love of reading and access to high quality information and facilities. For further information on the charity, please visit
We have also linked up with a local environmental charity - Torrington Commons Conservators - 202804. The work of the Commons Conservators includes the conservation of the many different habitats and special measures to support some of the rarer species found on the Commons, maintaining the public rights of way and enforcement of the bye laws. They now administer 365 acres of land surrounding the town on all but the eastern side.
The area is freely accessible to all, and visitors can walk the 20 miles of footpaths, ranging from the golf course in the north; ancient wood and wild flower meadow in the west; and dropping down to the beautiful river Torridge valley to the south of the town. There is access from the Tarka Trail for walkers.
The History - towards the end of the 12th century a 'large waste called The Common' was given to the people of Torrington. In 1889 the rights to this land were transferred, by an act of parliament, to an elected Committee of Conservators.

Over the past year we have donated over £200 to various charities - ARC Trust, DWT, RSPB and Torrington Food Bank - and have also run 4 family workshops free for Libraries Unlimited.

We work from our home studio in North Devon - proseprints is a new adventure for us and we hope you feel as excited as we do about its potential to make a small but positive difference.