One Off Woodcraft

“Unique marquetry designs in wood”

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About One Off Woodcraft

One Off Woodcraft

Unique marquetry designs in wood.

When I retired from teaching craft and design for over 30 years I wanted to continue to use the skills and knowledge I had acquired to make something I might be able to sell. I had always liked working to close tolerances and had previously made small steam engines. However the equipment needed was quite specialised and expensive. So I decided to make items in wood and found marquetry was sufficiently challenging and I could use the machines needed to complete other DIY projects .
After initially buying off-the-shelf boxes to decorate I found the standard was simply not good enough for my work. So I now make all my own boxes and make letter racks, key racks and other small items that can be sent easily and cheaply by post.
What inspires me is the infinite variety of grain and figure of different woods and being able to utilise these to create a product that is both useful and decorative and made to a high standard.
I try never to make any two pieces the same and so far have never knowingly done so.
I get immense satisfaction out of completing a complex design and if someone else likes it enough to buy it, all the better.