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“Vintage buttons and beautiful floral fabrics.”

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About Natalie Farrell

Natalie Farrell

Vintage buttons and fabrics, coin purses, make up bags and buttons covered cushions.

I graduated from Heriot-Watt University, School of Textiles and Design, a couple of years ago (more than a couple actually thinking about it) with a degree in Textiles and Fashion Design Management. Went on to do Secondary Teacher training and now teach Home Economics, I love my job!

My love for all things crafty started a long time ago listening to stories told by my mum, who was a girl in the sixties, she could whip up a mini dress in an afternoon to go out dancing that evening. These stories inspired me, so I 'borrowed' my Nana's button box (which I'm still have to this day) and got to work on all sorts of creations.

I absolutely adore vintage buttons to the point of obsession, I have millions which I love to splatter all over my makes. My collections includes coin purses, clutch bags and make up bags, big and small. I also love to use vintage fabrics, antique lace and the odd polka dot or two.