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Mish Mash Mosh
Mish Mash Mosh

“A mishmash of craftiness with a bit of mosh thrown in for good measure :)”

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About Mish Mash Mosh

Mish Mash Mosh

A mishmash of craftiness with a bit of mosh thrown in for good measure.

Before Mish Mash Mosh, there was cheerymishmash, and before cheerymishmash, there was a small boy in a shop who didn't like ANY of the t-shirts! The small boy was my son and the problem was rectified by my designing and making him some that he DID like. cheerymishmash was born and evolved into creating all things cute and funky for the children's market.

Both boy and mishmash have grown up. Boy into a superb adult with slightly less funky t-shirts, and mishmash into Mish Mash Mosh...well I say 'grown up''s all relative really eh!? ;)

My main focus currently is on expanding my felt and wire collections. Inspired by British wildlife and a love for all things bird, I work from both my own photos, observations and sketches and the wonderful illustrations to be found in old natural history books, to create a range of sculptures which I hope capture the essence of some of the nature on our doorstep.
Having the attention span of a goldfish swimming in a bowl of coffee, I've always got a half an eye on the next new thing to play with though, so you can expect to find things 'other' dropped into the shop from time to time too!

MishMashMosh and Plastics - We're not perfect but we're trying :)
Please be reassured that there are no hidden plastics in my felted creations. I make the core shapes for my critters from wool and wire. I don't use plastic fillers or polystryrene cores to shape my work around.
I DO sometimes use acrylic paint and varnishes in my work, but try to keep this to a minimum.
My kits DO currently contain a foam sponge felting block, but I am currently in the process of looking at potential alternatives to this.
On the whole I avoid using any plastic packaging, but if you do find any in your parcel, please be reassured that it has been reused/recycled from packaging coming into my home. I have never bought bubble wrap and never intend to, yet always seem to have far too much of the stuff!