Mimilove Forever

Karen Grenfell

“Art as unique and individual as you!”

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Go wild with my menagerie of gifts for animal lovers! I offer completely unique animal art and portraits with my collection of vivid paintings with hand embroidery all lovingly created by me!

From original artworks, art prints and animal or bird themed decorations for your home you will find something unique to suit all budgets.

I believe in attention to detail throughout the whole creative process and I cannot express how much I love my work and hope you will too!

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About Mimilove Forever

Mimilove Forever

Art as individual and unique as you!

Hello and welcome to my world of unique gifts and pet portraits that are all lovingly created by hand - by me!

My aim with MimiLove Forever is to provide completely unique animal portraits combining either watercolor or acrylic paintings with my own distinctive hand embroidery.

Here on Folksy you will find my range of animal themed, unique, handcrafted gifts to cater for all budgets; from my original hand stitched paintings and home decor pieces to sweet and simple prints to brighten your walls.

All my works start with a simple pencil sketch onto a pre-stretched artists canvas, watercolour paper or fabric. I then paint with lovely liquid watercolours or nice, thick acrylics, in a free loose style to keep the subject alive and vibrant! Once the paintings are completely dry I then begin hand embroidering them. I never have a set plan for my stitched designs; I like to see where the work takes me which I believe add to the life of each piece.


A lot of folks think I am actually called Mimi, unfortunately my folks weren't that exotic and I was christened Karen. The story goes that my mum wanted a name that couldn't be shortened; she was the first one to call me Kaz.

Mimilove Forever comes from my beloved kitty Mimi. 

She's was my constant companion for nearly16yrs. She was found by the local vet; she'd been abandoned and was in a pretty bad way. The vet had put her in a cage on the reception desk with a sign saying "Please take me home"...so I did. She was a tiny little soul with the heart of a lion and after a long fight with diabetes we finally said a heart breaking goodbye in 2013.

She'd been by my side, sleeping on my pillow with her paw wrapped round my arm, poking my nose til I woke and loving me without conditions 24/7 for 16yrs.
I miss her so much but I'm thankful we met and for the joy she gave me for all those years. So it will always be Mimi Love Forever <3


Starting my own business has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and am still doing! 

I’ve been painting for many years, occasionally selling to friends and family, back in the good old, pre-internet days. I was quite happy doing this but realised the potential to start selling further afield when I got my first clunky computer and dial up internet connection!

Since then my work has grown, changed and continues to develop...fortunately so has the internet, although I do miss the strange noise the dial up connection used to make! :)

I’ve gone on to to produce hundreds of pet portrait commissions, artworks and accessories which have sold worldwide. I still get a thrill from my work and I still love making them.

I'm also *mum* to several other rescue kitties too :)