Double Bunny Dominoes

Mark Llewelyn Robb

“Double bunny is a very special and unique set of dominoes hand made in West Yorks.”

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The rabbits just want you to know...
Double Bunny is totally unique, each one is carefully crafted by the artist in his Keighley studio. When you buy a set of Double Bunny Dominoes you're not just buying a beautiful functional game you're getting a lovingly made work of art as well.
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About Double Bunny Dominoes

Double Bunny Dominoes

Double Bunny is a great educational game for kids and adults to have fun without a computer anywhere you go!

Welcome to the Double Bunny Domino shop! Featuring lovely original rabbit drawings by Yorkshire artist and rabbit lover Mark Robb. Based on three rabbits which live in Haworth, here they are hopping, sleeping, cleaning, digging and guarding other rabbits! You can learn about the actual rabbits on my facebook page

The nice thing for young children is that the rabbits are a little more challenging to match than just dots. They have to learn how to recognise each rabbit from the others not just the right way up but upside down as well. Learning and memory games like this are great for cognitive development and fun too!

Oh yes! The carrots you see replace the traditional blanks, "all rabbits like carrots!" so you can match a carrot with any rabbit.
You can play Double Bunny Dominoes just like regular double six dominoes, there are 28 dominoes and six different rabbit poses.
Go ahead give some a try!