Double Bunny dominos

Mark Llewelyn Robb

“Very special handmade sets of dominoes made in West Yorkshire”

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Double Bunny dominoes now joined by Dino Doms and UK Bird Dominoes! All my dominoes hand made. If something runs out come back in a few days and will have made some more. Nice new burlap pouches!

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About Double Bunny dominos

Double Bunny dominos

Double Bunny and now Dino Doms! Good fun with the family anywhere

Hi everyone. If you know this little shop then you'll know how much we love bunnies here. Well after much pestering by neices and nephews I've released Dino Doms!
Now the lovely rabbit dominoes have a companion, cheeky dinosaurs. Have a look.
All my dominoes are made from high quality acrylic. It is non reactive and non toxic and safe for all ages. Each domino is carefully engraved with either two rabbits or two dinos, the engraving is then infilled by hand with non toxic acrylic. These dinos and rabbits will never fade away! Don't mistake them for the cheap transfer dominoes or paper sticker dominoes. These dominoes are works of art made by me!
The Double Bunny sets are proudly numbered and come with a little card that introduces you to the rabbits. Each rabbit pose was carefully captured from one of three rabbits that live with their mum in Haworth, West Yorkshire.
The Dino Doms are very educational for growing minds. There are six of the most famous dinosaurs here, again rendered by hand and given a little cheeky edge, just so the rabbits don't get too nervous! They come with instructions and a Dino ID card so you can learn to types of dinosaurs shown on each domino.