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“Hand thrown stoneware pottery - modern pots with a rustic twist”

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Jude Allman

Can handmade pots enhance your life? Yes, I believe they can!

We all use ceramics everyday, especially in the kitchen. I believe sipping tea from a favourite mug or eating breakfast from a handmade bowl makes those moments in the day just a bit more special.

I've always been drawn to pottery made on a wheel. Hand thrown pots have character and personality which comes from tiny random differences that occur in the throwing process. These ‘controlled accidents’ are what make each handmade pot unique.

I started my small pottery business in 2007. I work from my home studio based on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Most of my ceramics are practical pots such as jugs, mugs, bowls and vases. Pots we use everyday. I enjoy designing 'solutions' to different types of daily function. Inspiration and ideas often come from wanting to have a certain pot in my own kitchen.

I prefer throwing small batches of pots - about 10 or 20 at a time. This keeps things fresh and ensures the pots retain their own charm without becoming too uniform. All my pots are designed and made entirely by me, which means owning one is like having a limited edition.

My pottery is influenced by a rustic aesthetic in a modern style. I enjoy using a variety of stoneware clays which I feel reflects this interest and creates a tactile body. All my pots are hand thrown on a pottery wheel and fired in an electric kiln. I make all my glazes from scratch and decorate my functional ware using simple colour combinations. These glazes are food safe and dishwasher safe.

My aim is to make authentic hand thrown pots that people enjoy using in their homes everyday.