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“Illustrated Paper Goods and Original Artwork for Sale”

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Jo Cheung Illustration

Maker, Drawer, Dreamer

Hello there and welcome to my Folksy shop. My name is Jo Cheung and I'm an illustrator from Doncaster now I'm based in London.

I always knew I wanted to be an artist from a very young age- but I just didn't know what area I wanted to specialise in. It was only until I went to college illustration was the natural path for me. I started making products back in university for our degree show. I thoroughly enjoyed making handmade products, especially the process, and continued from there.

As my work developed so has the range of items; I love the fact that my illustrations can be tactile. All my illustrations are completely unique and my passion and creativity shines through in my products.

I enjoy making images of dreamy and imaginary landscapes. In my work I try to convey my own interpretation of the natural world. I am especially interested in the relationship between humans and animals.

I hope you find something you'll like!