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If you need us to gift wrap and send directly to recipient, we are able to do this for you at no extra cost to residents in the UK. Please do let us know via email.

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    Blowball Coasters Set

    Inspirations by Brendeane


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About Inspirations by Brendeane

Inspirations by Brendeane

Beautiful bespoke laser crafted gifts designed and hand-made especially for you including family, friends, home and special occasion.

Our Story
Have you ever experienced the excitement of a new adventure or perhaps embraced the anticipation and thrill of embarking on a new journey? If so read on…

For the past twenty two years, I have lived with my husband at the foot of the Brendon Hills, the gateway to Exmoor, having renovated our small, once derelict, cottage in the country overlooking the Vale of Taunton to the east. We have two teenage children, three dogs, (two Border Collies and one Cocker Spaniel who is a rescue dog), a rescued black and white cat called ‘Bruce’, three cockerels (also rescued) and five ducks!

Over the past several months we have been producing craft items on request primarily for our friends but our journey didn’t really start here.

From a very young age I was always interested in animals, nature and the country-side. When I was eight years old I managed to persuade my parents to buy me my very first dog who we named Scamp, a cross somewhere between a Collie and Labrador. I've not ever really been without dogs since. Many a happy hour was spent with Scamp at my side climbing trees, splashing in streams, kicking up woodland autumn leaves and walking in near-by fields; something that I've not ever really grown out of, except climbing trees maybe!

I also had a love of drawing and was rarely seen without pencil and paper in hand and later in life was introduced to the love of photography as this was something my husband is really fond of as well as wood working. Being a very practical person, he really enjoys making the end physical product.

I suppose you could say that our small craft business was inspired in us at a very young age and is now made up of a combination of all these different elements with a little love thrown in! It's a mixture of our delight in nature, animals, drawing, photography and wood working. I tend to mostly create the designs by using a blend of computer clip art, photography and sketching while Ian, my husband, generally finalises the end product. We are a team!

So, I guess our new adventure has begun, the question is….. Will you join us on this journey?


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