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Unique hand made jewellery and decorations

I started making beaded jewellery to relieve the effects of a high stress job. Making jewellery I could escape from everything and just concentrate on being creative.
Then I discovered polymer clay! Wow! Polymer clay opened up such a range of possibilities that even after quite a few years I am still trying out new and exciting techniques, and developing my skills. The best thing about my polymer clay jewellery is that every piece is unique. Some pieces may have similarities if I am working on a theme, but as every piece is individually made, no two pieces are ever exactly the same.
I love to share my work, and find the positive feed back I receive from customers just adds to the pleasure and satisfaction I get from making things.
I have been making jewellery for about 10 years now. Mine is a hobby business. I sell items that I make to fund making more items. I am always adding to my own collection of makes, and family and friends enjoy receiving my makes as gifts.