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“Designer Jewellery handmade by Huiyi Tan”

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About Huiyi Tan

Huiyi Tan

Designer Jewellery Handmade by HuiyiTan

My name is Huiyi (pronunced "HwayYee"). I was first trained to be an interior designer for my bachelor degree of science then gained my master degree in jewelry design. After graduation, I was involved in exhibition design and commercial interior design, but found that my heart belongs to jewellery. So in 2010 I started making simple jewellery that I would like to wear myself at my first jewellery bench, converted from an old office table. David comes from a fine art, illustration and design for print background. We are both involved from the concept stage, design development, to making the finished product. Slowly with the help of my inspiring and supportive customers from more than 46 different countries around the world, David and I have developed a collection made of over 300 pieces of handmade jewellery, and more to come.