Helen Komatsu

“Maker of hand-built ceramics”

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I love giftwrapping, and will happily gift-wrap your purchase for you!

If you want me to send an item direct to your recipient, just let me know... and if there's a message you'd like me to include, I will put that in a card for you too!

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About Helen Komatsu

Helen Komatsu

Designer-maker creating a range of colourful - often one-off - ceramic pieces.

After 15 years in the business world, I quit it all it all to pursue a happier, simpler, more fulfilling life of creativity. I love making things out of clay. I also enjoy drawing and painting, but with that you are making a 2 dimensional flat object to hang on a wall.

With ceramics, you enter the wonderful world of three dimensions. You can make Real Stuff!

I love looking at a block of white or red clay, which is at its essence, earth out of the ground, and turning it into whatever I wish.

I enjoy playing with colour and pattern too. Decorating my ceramics fills me with great joy, and it is my hope that my pieces bring as much uplift to their recipient as they do to me making them!

I work out of a cedar chalet in my garden in south-eastern Kent (photo of me in my studio coming soon....)