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“A shop selling colourful prints and cards by illustrator, Hannah Bailey. ”

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Colourful prints and cards for all seasons, illustrated in Bristol.

I studied illustration at Brighton University, graduating in 2010 and since moved to Bristol, where I live and work as an illustrator, represented by The Artworks illustration agency.

My illustrations begin with pencil sketches that are traced and each tiny shape or segment hand-cut into a stencil. I use vibrant inks to fill the shapes with texture and colour, digitalise the elements and rearrange them into a final composition.

I'm always inspired by the natural world, growing things and history. I collect unusual non-fiction books from second-hand bookshops, in particular identification guides to all sorts of things from aquarium fishes and rock-types to British flora, which I try to make use of on walks in the countryside and wanders around the city.

I like creating colourful, dynamic and informative images and love making work for other people to enjoy.

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