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    Reviewed by kaiyora

    Lovely and soft, with a really nice colour. Good communication for seller - thank you for the prompt delivery.

    Reviewed by Beckstopher

    I bought one small and one large cloth. So far been using the smaller one for washing up and cleaning kitchen surfaces and it's great! So much better than Jay cloths which feel wasteful as need to be chucked out after one wash . Other more washable cloths that I have used still get really scraggy and ripped after a couple of washes, where as this one is great. Also looks much prettier hanging on the the tap drying then the white cloths that don't stay white for long! Also becasue of the chrochet stichs it is also tougher at cleaning stubborn dirt without being abrasive at all.
    Also amazing value and quick shipment.
    If you like to have a big handful of cloth then get the larger one, but the small one is more than adequate too.
    Really good purchase, Thanks

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